20 July, 2006

Vänskap illustrated book featured on A Shaded View On Fashion!

Ooooh, the lack of updates! Vänskap's at Kokomo.

Anyway, now we have something to tell —— Danica Lo's Vänskap-illustrated book is featured on Diane Pernet's blog at
  • ashadedviewonfashion
  • —— check it out. For all ya "hipsters". Thanks to Diane!

    05 June, 2006

    NEWS: Vänskap featured in magazines and books!

    Please check out Vänskap's effort in american Print Magazine's European Design 2006 issue ——— There's three pictures of our work there. They were hand-picked by a distinguished jury and all. Thanks dudes!

  • Print Magazine

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    In Finland y'all: Vänskap were recently featured in the local advertising weekly M&M (that's Emnem) ——— Our MTV cult series We Could Be Heroes was the topic of "Dude, I wish I had done this piece of commercial" column. Thanks to Sanna.


    In NYC: Our mate Conrad Ventur's cool Useless magazine's got a small story on us ——— was out in NYC the 1st of June, and will be out in London and Gay Paree in the 10th of June. Please do check it out!!! Thank you Conrad!

  • Useless Magazine

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    Again in Finland: Vänskap is gracing the pages of the almighty Finnish Design Year Book ® ——— not a large piece of story exactly, but at least we're in it. Phew! Cheers to Design Forum Finland.

  • Design Forum Finland

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    02 June, 2006

    NEWS: Odd At Large

    ¡Hola! People of Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmoe —— pick up the latest issue of Odd At Large, a free magazine put together by our mates at the Odd office. There's a drawing there by Yers Truly, illustrating a story about make believe authors such as J.T. Leroy. It looks cool. The mag comes with a super juicy cover, too.

    Thanks & Gawd bless ya!


    Filthy Insane

    31 May, 2006

    The Swedish National Football Team # 04

    Its time for another belle of the ball to show his true self in Vänskap vectors; let us introduce you to the old and faithful;
    Teddy Lucic

    If you train hard, you'll not only be hard, you'll be hard to beat.
    -Herschel Walker

    Vänskap Draws 037

    Again Vänskap spice up the culture pages of Hufvudstadsbladet, the daily paper for them finn-swedes, with an illustration for a review of the new Pet Shop Boys album.

    Cause we were never being boring!

    26 May, 2006

    NEWS: Kuningasklubi #5

    Hey fans ——— Local Helsinki indy fave git-together KUNINGASKLUBI hits Tavastia for the fifth time on Saturday 27th of 5th 2006, that means tomorrow! Bands playing: MILLIONERS from Finland and those kiwi mofos DIE!DIE!DIE! from NZ. Tickets still available! Don't miss this un.


    25 May, 2006

    Vänskap Inbreed: Happy(?) birthday, Moody!

    Get a grip of yaself ya ol' piece of dooooog! Sad keyboard, silly tunes and 27 wasted years. Thanks pal for all that great shite! Peace!!!

    19 May, 2006

    The Swedish National Football Team # 03

    Today we present our third national hero: the speedy cheesdoodle Christian Willhelmsson.

    I don't fear failure. I only fear the slowing up of the engine inside of me which is saying: "Keep going, someone must be on top, why not you?".
    - George S. Patton

    18 May, 2006

    The Swedish National Football Team # 02

    The second royal soldier puts his feet on the dust of rural germany: Kim Källström.

    It's not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.
    - Archie Griffen, two-time Heisman winner

    17 May, 2006

    NEWS: Vänskap graphics for Projekt 0047 at Designmai

    berliners, go drink some berliners with one quarter of the Vänskap mob at the opening of designmai tonight, when being there make sure to pick up an example of fresh vänskap graphics created in a haze for the project dugnad exhibited at the area by projekt 0047.

    The Swedish National Football Team # 01

    First playa on the green grass of eden: Tobias Linderoth.

    It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness.
    – Seneca

    16 May, 2006

    NEWS: How Not to Look Fat

    Danica Lo's first book How Not to Look Fat is finally out from Harper & Collins! Irreverent and honest, How Not to Look Fat offers cutting-edge tips on maximizing your slimming potential, from banishing back fat and finding flattering gym clothes to getting the right haircut and smelling thinner (yes, there's a scientifically proven way). What makes the book super cool is ofcourse informative illustration of yours truly.

  • Harper & Collins
  • 12 May, 2006

    NEWS: Kennel poses for Kasino A4

    Today is that long waited day when second issue of Kasino A4 is due to be out! What makes this number even more special is ofcourse the fact that all mighty Vänskap Misfit Kennel is posing on the spreads. Those freaks really seduced the lens! You really don't wanna miss this kid-o!

  • Kasino A4
  • 11 May, 2006

    Vänskap Draws 036


    * Editor's note: the joke too rotten to be translated!


    10 May, 2006

    Vänskap Draws 035

    Neo nazi alien action!

    09 May, 2006

    Vänskap Draws 034

    Vänskap illustrated a whole spread thingy to new Image (4/2006). Its about criminals and sellphones and stuff. The mag is out now!

    08 May, 2006

    NOTE: Vänskap is looking for an agent

    Vänskap is looking for an agent abroad. If you wanna make fortunes by slaving us please don't hesitate to contact. Our little hands are allready sweating on the mouse wating for the command to vector us all filthy rich…

    05 May, 2006

    NEWS: General

    12 April, 2006

    Vänskap Draws 033

    Misfits come together!

    06 April, 2006

    Vänskap Draws 032

    I can heat up a cuppa tea with my hot flushes.

    NEWS: Pets On Prozac at Jyrock

    This friday Pets On Prozac is gonna travel way too up north, to Jyväskylä, to play at Jyrock festival. If you wanna experience the mayhem join us at Ilokivi tomorrow. Friends of Vänskap, Harlem from Sweden, will be performing too.

  • Jyrock
  • 05 April, 2006

    Vänskap Draws 031

    Whoops! Sorry "fans", we forgot to draw things. Here goes again anyway, look here!

    28 March, 2006

    Vänskap Draws 030

    We know we are late with this one but last Saturday March 25th was the 11th Annual International Kris Kross Day! Not kidding! Anyway here's our version of MacDaddy... or you can decide which one.

    22 March, 2006

    NEWS: Kuningasklubi #3

    Its time to boogie woogie again! Kuningasklubi #3 at Tavastia next Saturday (25.3.). New Young Pony Club is there to melt your ice cream!!! Så ska det låta!

  • Kuningasklubi
  • 21 March, 2006

    Vänskap Draws 029

    Ritu, you're my kinda gal!

    20 March, 2006

    Vänskap Draws 028

    Horay! Our joy division employee Mystical MILF came out of the witness protection program just to say: COOO-EEYY CHRIS! Gosh!

    18 March, 2006

    NEWS: Vänskap does Adidas

    Good morning Vietnam! We are burning some serious midnight oil here at Vänskap HQ tonight. Stereos are repeating Jefferson Airplanes White Rabbit for 23rd time allready… "Later" today is the opening of the Adidas/Control exhibition at the Myymälä2 Gallery and we are still gluing last pieces together. The idea was that punch of artists do their versions of Adidas & CTRL clothes. We started building something way too big… But no turning back now. We give your hungry eyes something to dribble about soon.

  • Myymälä2
  • 17 March, 2006

    Vänskap Draws 027

    Jealous Gay Times

    15 March, 2006

    Vänskap Draws 026

    Here's some duck meat

    10 March, 2006

    Vänkap Draws 025

    vänskap casuals starts the countdown for the death of beckham, bash of brasilian balls and the final cut of the italian waxwigs.
    91 days to go go go