28 February, 2006

Vänskap Draws 019

It's those retarded midgets again! Clock says 00:16, so damn right it's time for anutha squiggle! For attention's sake. Time "flies", innit?

27 February, 2006

Vänskap Draws 018

Filthy Insane! Sorry about the break, fans —— With Chris "liking" our drawings and all, we decided to continue working! Hoorah!

22 February, 2006

Vänskap Draws 017

the Great Outdoors

21 February, 2006

Vänskap draws 016

hey paperboy! bring on the news! its time for another retarded illustration for the chronicles of the finnish swedish tribe, aka hufvudstadsbladet. comin out tomorrow, buy or die!

20 February, 2006

Vanskap Draws 015

Cucumber Man sends greetings to V*** in pr***n! Bollocks!

NEWS: Vänskap Berlin Opened

Vänskap has finally found a studio at Berlin. 1/4 of Vänskap is from now on working at Tieckstrasse 10, Berlin. Its not that we fish anyone to come for a coffee or anything. But atleast you know where to post the fanmail. Bollocks!

19 February, 2006

Vänskap Draws 014

Just can't kick the habit!

18 February, 2006

Vänskap Draws 013

Indeed! Lots of shady bollocks going on inside Vänskap today...The internal competition's getting out of hands...That oughta bring us some attention...

17 February, 2006

Vänskap Draws 012

Cowabunga, Crackhead!

16 February, 2006

Vänskap Draws 011

Vänskap National Romantic Hoedown Art oughta get us some attention. Charcoal originals on calf skin now available on Ebay! Luv!

15 February, 2006

Vänskap Draws 010

Vänskap has gone back to the roots of finnish prog rock and put up a band called Mystinen Isä. That oughta bring us some attention! Hate!

Happy Valentines from Vänskap

14 February, 2006

Vänskap Draws 009

All you finnishswedish freaks hit the newsstand tomorrow for your native language news in hufvudstadsbladet, flip the tabloid through and let your sticky finger stop on the music pages where you will find a vänskap illustrating another obscure freebasing jazz review of rinneradios latest cd.

NEWS: Kuningasklubi #2

Kuningasklubi #2 is coming! Vänskap's favourite swedish band The Embassy is coming to pleasure you indikids. So see you at Tavastia on Saturday 25.2. Remember to put on yer raving shoes!!! Check out the updated KK web page.

  • Kuningasklubi
  • 13 February, 2006

    Vänskap Draws 008

    Cocksucker Blues

    12 February, 2006

    Vänskap Draws 007

    The infamous couple: Cat Man Joe & Finland-shaped Monkey!

    11 February, 2006

    Vänskap Draws 006

    Bite The Dust

    10 February, 2006

    Vänskap Draws 005

    Happy Birthday, Kati!

    NEWS: Illus at Image magazine

    Vänskap has five spreads article illustrated at Image magazine 1/2006. Sold only in Finland though. Check it out!

    09 February, 2006

    NEWS: Teenage Caveman on Myspace binge!

    Teenage Caveman has been missing from the office for a few days now. He´s had his MySpace page up n´running! Rarely has T. been as keen on anything going on in the web as now – he´s gone on a total binge! You can check his fresh gags every day at the page, but please don´t encourage him!!!

  • Teenage Caveman on Myspace binge
  • Vänskap Draws 004

    08 February, 2006

    Vänskap Draws 003

    mr. poorly

    07 February, 2006

    Vänskap Draws 002

    Hugh Grant

    06 February, 2006

    NEWS: Yeah we know its fucked up!

    Fuck all web design! It doesn't make any sense. We are too old for this kind of bs. We must go home now and eat some pasta. See you tomorrow kids.

    Ps. If you are checking this blog use at least safari or Firefox!

    01 February, 2006

    Vänskap Draws 001

    Mike The Brown Bike