28 March, 2006

Vänskap Draws 030

We know we are late with this one but last Saturday March 25th was the 11th Annual International Kris Kross Day! Not kidding! Anyway here's our version of MacDaddy... or you can decide which one.

22 March, 2006

NEWS: Kuningasklubi #3

Its time to boogie woogie again! Kuningasklubi #3 at Tavastia next Saturday (25.3.). New Young Pony Club is there to melt your ice cream!!! Så ska det låta!

  • Kuningasklubi
  • 21 March, 2006

    Vänskap Draws 029

    Ritu, you're my kinda gal!

    20 March, 2006

    Vänskap Draws 028

    Horay! Our joy division employee Mystical MILF came out of the witness protection program just to say: COOO-EEYY CHRIS! Gosh!

    18 March, 2006

    NEWS: Vänskap does Adidas

    Good morning Vietnam! We are burning some serious midnight oil here at Vänskap HQ tonight. Stereos are repeating Jefferson Airplanes White Rabbit for 23rd time allready… "Later" today is the opening of the Adidas/Control exhibition at the Myymälä2 Gallery and we are still gluing last pieces together. The idea was that punch of artists do their versions of Adidas & CTRL clothes. We started building something way too big… But no turning back now. We give your hungry eyes something to dribble about soon.

  • Myymälä2
  • 17 March, 2006

    Vänskap Draws 027

    Jealous Gay Times

    15 March, 2006

    Vänskap Draws 026

    Here's some duck meat

    10 March, 2006

    Vänkap Draws 025

    vänskap casuals starts the countdown for the death of beckham, bash of brasilian balls and the final cut of the italian waxwigs.
    91 days to go go go

    09 March, 2006

    Vänskap Draws 024

    Awww Ya Gruff Loner!

    08 March, 2006

    NOTE: Soundguy crosses the line (again)

    Soundguy! Get off our case! Stop fucking picking on our mates! Pick your filthy ponytail instead! We've been real patient with you, you Sack Of Nu-Shit. So start behaving, man.

    NEWS: Vänskap at Artmart

    Vänskap is participating the ARTMART 2006-03 Sticker Fix. Opened last weekend at Sabotage gallery, Tasmania, Australia. To be honest we don't have clue if this is a cool thing or not. But anyway we submitted this sticker puzzle of Teenage Cavemans room. And that was one rat piece of sticker art! Hope to get some pictures of the jamboree later…

  • Hellavate
  • 07 March, 2006

    Vänskap Draws 023

    Mystinen Isä touring in support of "On The Meadow" long player and drawing heavily from entire back catalogue.

    06 March, 2006

    Vänskap Draws 022

    03 March, 2006

    NEWS: Pets On Prozac – Live

    Listen up now kids! This is the one youve been waiting for: Vänskap Misfit Kennel and Skate Mosh join forces and takes the music act one step further… Tonight Pets On Prozac performs their first 'real' gig at Robot Rock! (Kuudes Linja, Helsinki). Its gonna be darker than Sodoma, happier than Sirkus Finlandia! So c'mon and rock your cock, funk your fanny! Doors open at 21.00.

    *Captions: 1. Vänskap arts and crafts keyboard for the slow-witted player! 2. Moody reclines

  • Kuudes Linja
  • 02 March, 2006

    Vänskap Draws 021

    Tremor tore my pad apart


    Vänskap Inbreed

    - lower case c in the capitol b

    01 March, 2006

    Vänskap Draws 020

    New graphic identity for Mystinen Isä's side projecto Nugget Fugget! Vänskap dislikes bird meat.