05 June, 2006

NEWS: Vänskap featured in magazines and books!

Please check out Vänskap's effort in american Print Magazine's European Design 2006 issue ——— There's three pictures of our work there. They were hand-picked by a distinguished jury and all. Thanks dudes!

  • Print Magazine

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    In Finland y'all: Vänskap were recently featured in the local advertising weekly M&M (that's Emnem) ——— Our MTV cult series We Could Be Heroes was the topic of "Dude, I wish I had done this piece of commercial" column. Thanks to Sanna.


    In NYC: Our mate Conrad Ventur's cool Useless magazine's got a small story on us ——— was out in NYC the 1st of June, and will be out in London and Gay Paree in the 10th of June. Please do check it out!!! Thank you Conrad!

  • Useless Magazine

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    Again in Finland: Vänskap is gracing the pages of the almighty Finnish Design Year Book ® ——— not a large piece of story exactly, but at least we're in it. Phew! Cheers to Design Forum Finland.

  • Design Forum Finland

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    i saw that print issue, congrats and well deserved!

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